Drivers of Change investigates the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets. Drivers of Change 2.0 is a 2015–17 research project that extends and updates original card series. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Visual redesign of cards, digital, and interactive assets

  • Content development and collaboration on new drivers and research areas

  • Project management of global team: New York, London, Berlin, and San Francisco

  • Direct report to Global Director and Associate Director on program status

  • Engagement with Global Marketing and Communications on project delivery

  • QA and design management of localized cards in other languages

  • Design management of localized cards in other languages

  • Recent collaboration with Australian Ocean Explorer Tim Jarvis

  • Recent collaboration with San Francisco’s Climate Music Project

IXD Feedback template

As part of the 2.0 research and design phase there was a need to be able to visually show the existing content and capture feedback simultaneously. The feedback template was sent to internal stakeholders across global businesses. Each element of the card was evaluated to its current relevancy and was used as a decision making tool as well as a roadmap to new and existing drivers.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Development of conceptual framework for feedback and review

  • Supervision and mentorship of summer design intern who created the document

  • Prepared intern for review sessions with Global Director

  • Worked with Foresight London team and Global Business leads to broadcast document

  • Analysis and documentation of feedback

  • Recommendations for new driver topics

IXD PDF Deliverable

The Drivers of Change is a unique physical tool for workshops and brainstorm discussions. As a way to steer towards the digital world I created a interactive PDF version using existing Arup design patterns. This increased the global reach of the program and also became a precursor to the mobile app.

Drivers of change 2.0 Research & Design 2016–2017

The redesign of the cards worked in parallel with the research of 2.0 material for Water and Energy. One insight that was most common in the feedback review was the uncertainty of what the "driver" was as opposed to the question. This lead to a restructuring of the information hierarchy on the front of the cards. 

As part of a global effort I managed the incoming research, evaluated its quality, and reported progress to the Global Director. Each topic (Water, Energy, Waste, Demographics, Climate Change, and Urbanisation) was given to a specific research team spanning offices from San Francisco, New York, London, and Berlin. As a result the content quality and tone of voice was varied. This lead to a creation of a small localized team in SF that I lead to ensure consistency in research, writing, and visual content. 

To assess feedback and define tasks we used Microsoft Excel as a project dashboard. This allowed myself and other project owners a snapshot of progress and completion rates. It allowed us to capture feedback from multiple sources and to divide tasks among research, editorial and design. Feedback came from various sources — handwritten notes, comments in PDFs, in person reviews. All of this was captured in our project dashboard.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Lead visual redesign with feedback from Foresight London team and Global Director

  • Audit of incoming research and visual assets

  • Assembly and management of local research and editorial team in SF

  • Asset management of cloud-based research documents and productivity tools

  • Analysis and documentation of feedback

  • Facilitated team meetings to discuss potential roadblocks and progress

  • Collaborated with editorial and content strategists on new drivers, questions and research

  • Maintained open communication with team

  • In-progress and final reviews with Global Director


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