The driverless world graphics support the conversation "How will our world change with the arrival and market absorption  of driverless vehicles"?

I worked with John Eddy, Infrasture Principal and  lobal Research Challenge — Designing a Driverless World  Lead on a series of light weight illustrations that open of the possibles for design and engineering in the advent of the driverless world. These graphics were used to support numerous key note presentations, web articles, and other discussions pertaining to driverless vehicles in the built environment. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with Principal on translating ideas into visual designs
  • Production of presentation specific graphics and assets
  • Iterative process of designing and refining based on feedback
  • Media support with external agencies

What will you do? What could the user experience of car travel be when the car drives itself?

Safety: Traffic is like a flock of birds

Safety: Traffic is like a flock of birds