Mindjet mapping and task apps are informed by indepth user research. 

As part of the UX and Research team I participated in all aspects of usability studies, persona development, and user research.

Roles & Responsiblities

  • In person interviews, both moderating and observation
  • Creating frameworks and materials to support  interview conversations
  • Surveying and recruiting potential participants
  • Group discussions and data synthesis
  • Video editing and audio transcription
  • Provide outcomes, recommendations and design of deliverables
  • Final group presentation of findings


Mindspaces Platform CONCEPT VALIDATION

To help accelerate and tie together Mindjet's ecosystem of collaborative task management and mind mapping tools Mindjet rethought how their platform may work as an integrated system. This mean removing the lanes that each of the products travelled in and created a more intuitive and user centered space, known informally as a Mindspace. 

I worked on the Mindspace concept validation with Senior UX and Research leads. We thought about and created scenarios in which our personas would currently complete tasks, and how they may bring all of there tools and projects into a mindspace.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Development of scenarios with Senior UX Researcher
  • Modification of screens using Adobe Fireworks
  • Creation of current day and Mindspace user flows
  • Participation in team review sessions and incorporate team feedback
  • Participation and facilitation of pilot validation studies
  • Worked with UX team, UX director, and Project Manager on final scenarios