MFA in Writing was a series of visual design projects I was comissed to work on while I was at California College of the Arts.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Worked with MFA in Writing Program Manager and Group Board on style and delivery
  • Delivery of assets for both digital and print
  • Created all visual collateral for the Narrative [Inter]actions Spring symposium
  • Worked within tight deadlines and budget

Summer book club

As one of the motifs for the MFA in Writing visual language, I looked at natural elements surrounding the writers studio for inspiration. For the Jess Walter poster I captured a series of photographs of trees, and layered them, isolating only the sky as elements to make the textured background. Typography was also a strong visual element that anchored the poster layout.

MFA IN WRITING Recruitment mailer

After my initial work on the Summer Book Club I was asked to work on some marketing and recruitment materials for the department. I took this opportunity to extend some of the ideas I created for the book club poster. I used the surrounding nature and urban environment as source material that I photographed and remixed, even getting permission to go on the roof of 1111 8th Street to photograph the city. These projects were important for me as a designer because I hoped to inspire prospective students to think more about the possibilities of living in San Francisco and studying at CCA — I tried to convey this through the visual language and interactivity of photography, color, and typography / visual elements in these designs. 

Narrative [Inter]Actions

What does narrative mean to architects, artists, critics, designers, scholars, and writers? How can the unfolding of a story communicate, evoke, engage, and captivate audiences? Narrative (Inter)actions was a series of performances, lectures, and exhibition that comprise the spring Graduate Studies Symposium at California College of the Arts in 2013.

Taking the idea of interactions and interplay I came up with a very loose sketch of an idea of "reading between the lines" visually, allowing for the text to interrupt itself and invite the reader to take a closer read rather than skimming through. Limited to two colors and varying qualities of photography, I opted to a more low tech approach of using bitmaps to create a consistency between the two color fields. I also created the logotype with the same concept of overlapping the two words of the title over each other.